As a result of Re:Vision's work, a child in Westwood today (compared to a child in Westwood in 2012), has experienced a:

  • 93% increase in eating more fruits and vegetables.
  • 96% increase in the amount of meals cooked at home.

These statistics were taken from our 2012-2013 evaluation, which surveyed the 609 family members who participated in the backyard garden program during that time.

In 2014, Re:Vision helped 300 families grow their own food. Over 90 percent of these families live on less than $15,000 per year, which is abject poverty by U.S. standards. With Re:Vision's help, these families grew over 45,000 pounds of organic produce and many shared food with their family and neighbors, building a community food system in a neighborhood that has had almost zero healthy food options. For most families, having a garden is the only way they can afford to eat healthy or feed organic produce to their children. We prioritize families who have the greatest financial need, and who have demonstrated the dedication to put in the time to take care of their garden, a desire to change their diet, and a commitment to work with other community members.  In return for providing this assistance, we ask that each family “pay-it-forward” and refer another family to join the program.

Our impact goals moving forward are ambitious. We are looking to grow our backyard gardening program to 500 families by the end of 2015, and to incubate the Westwood Food Co-op, which has massive potential for community growth. 

We believe the Westwood Food Cooperative will:

  • Create 30 local jobs for the community,
  • Generate $2.5 Million in annual revenue to sustain operations,
  • Increase access to healthy affordable food to 20,000 residents,
  • Provide 1,000+ coop members ownership in the food hub.