In 2014, after several years of community organizing, Re:Vision helped a group of residents form the Westwood Food Cooperative (WFC) as a member-owned and operated grocery store. The purpose of the WFC is to increase access and affordability of fresh and healthy food, while empowering community ownership and increasing community wealth. 


Unlike traditional companies owned by a small number of owners or shareholders, the Westwood Food Cooperative will be owned by hundreds, possibly thousands, of members. Unlike traditional companies, no matter how much an owner invests in the company, they have the same vote as everyone else. And unlike traditional companies, profits aren't extracted from communities, consumers, and workers in order to pay higher shareholder profits.

The Westwood Food Cooperative keeps profits in the community. This is a form of community wealth building - an approach to building wealth that is locally owned and locally controlled. 

We believe this is a powerful model for change.

Check out the Co-op's pilot market


The Westwood Food Cooperative is the first co-op grocery store in Denver (since the Common Market closed in 1980). It is the first grocery store in Westwood since the last one shut its doors in the 90's. And it is one of the first grocery stores in the country to be owned by a community living in a food desert.