Revision is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization based in Denver, CO. We work with people in marginalized neighborhoods to develop leaders, cultivate community food systems, and grow a resilient local economy. Please support our work by making a tax-deductible donation today and by signing up on our mailing list and/or volunteer list.

Community Food Systems

Food is amongst our most fundamental human needs, and access to nutritious and affordable food provides the foundation necessary for communities to thrive.  Indeed, food provides the nourishment necessary for a healthy and productive citizenry.


The disparity that exists between low-income communities and those of higher socioeconomic status in regards to the accessibility of healthful foods is inequitable, and therefore unacceptable. Therefore, Revision's main focus is to increase the access to healthy food by helping residents grow a community-food system that increases local food production, improves access, strengthens the community and builds economic wealth at the same time. 


Resident Empowerment

Change must come from within - both on a personal and communal level. Revision has pioneered resident-led approaches to creating self-sufficient communities. Through our asset-based community development approach, we view people as the greatest wealth and the agents of change. We invest in residents to become leaders and change makers through our promotora model, resident training, and network organizing model.

Community Development

Our approach to community development is to foster self-sufficiency. This requires building capacity from within a community. We achieve this through our resident empowerment and community food system work (above) and by creating economic opportunity within the community. A community must be able to provide its own resources, develop and utilize talent, and minimize its resource leakage. We are developing a cooperative business model that creates good paying jobs, develops resources, builds a local economy, and most importantly, generates wealth that is controlled by the community and stays in the community.

Partners and Supporters

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While many people are turning to genetics to learn more about their health and propensity for disease, a growing field of study shows that equally -if not more important - than your genetic code is your zip code.

From Your Garden to Your Neighbor's Plate?

Home-based and community gardening is on the rise in Denver. As many gardeners know from experience, a summer's bounty can overwhelm the home kitchen.  For those that would like to cultivate a hyper-local food economy by selling their bounty to their neighbors - which is currently illegal - change could be on the way.

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