La Cocina - Community-Led Nutrition and Cooking Education

La Cocina is a vital component of Re:Vision’s efforts in the Southwest part of Denver to establish community food systems and empower children and families to make healthy food choices. Built in 2015, La Cocina is a 750 square foot educational space including commercial grade appliances, equipment, ample storage and classroom space to support cooking, nutrition and food preservation classes for approximately 12 community members at a time.  

Why La Cocina?

Even as Westwood residents begin to grow their own vegetables, preparing healthy complete meals remains a challenge. While many of Westwood's immigrant residents come from cultures with strong, traditional cuisines and diets - many of them rooted in healthy, fresh food - both lifestyles and socio-economic barriers threaten to errode this traditional knowledge. 

La Cocina is a community-led response to the need to provide nutiriton and cooking education, while also preserving cultural identity to food and community. 

Re:Vision worked with nutritionists at Ounce of Nutrition to develop culturally appropriate cooking and nutrition curriculum, developing 4 seperate 6-week modules: Family Nutrition, Farm to Table, Cooking with Kids 

Using a “train the trainer” approach, Promotoras first went through the course as a student. Then, they went through the course learning how to teach it. Finally, Promotoras taught the course under supervision. Now Certified Promotoras are paid to teach the courses to the community. 

How Can the Community Use La Cocina?

Take a Health and Nutrition Course, Taught by Community Leaders All classes are free for qualifying community residents. Click on any of the images below to get more information on the core 6-week modules taught at La Cocina are:


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Take or Teach a One-Day Class
Re:Vision has also extended an invitation to the Westwood community and greater Denver area to teach courses and short-term classes on an area of their expertise – such as canning,yogurt making, healthy baking, or even just your favorite recipe you want to share with your neighbors. These courses are available to the community by the community, free of charge. Check out the calendar to sign up!