In 2007 we set out to rethink community development. Since then, we have transformed one of Denver's most economically marginalized neighborhoods, Westwood, into a thriving, resilient community.


Our Mission is to work with people in economically marginalized neighborhoods to develop resident leaders, cultivate community food systems, and create an economy owned by the community.


The purpose of Re:Vision is to cultivate thriving, resilient communities.



We believe there is a hero inside each one of us. Our role is to help people believe it for themselves, and then to put their strengths, passions, and dreams to work bettering their family and community.


We are intentional that our organization dismantle structures of oppression and power -race, class, age, gender, sexual orientation - not reinforce them. This not only applies to our work, but to the structure, norms, and culture of our organization. 


We believe that we can only accomplish our mission by tapping into our collective experience and willpower. We are committed to seeing our work all the way through. We won't quit or give up when the going gets tough. We support each other as a family and a community.


We hold ourselves accountable to our community, to our partners, our donors, and our community. This requires that we are fully transparent in all that we do.  


We believe that a better world is possible. We believe we can create a world based on love, compassion, collaboration, and stewardship for the planet, our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of every person in our community.