100 New Friends in Celebration of Spring

In many cultures worldwide, springtime traditions and festivals (e.g. Easter, Passover, India’s Festival of Colors, even Chinese New Year) are rooted in agrarian societies’ celebrations surrounding a new growing season.  For urban farmers and backyard gardeners, each May begins a new year – a joyous time of digging, compost, dirt under fingernails, planting seedlings, and most of all hope. Hope that each new sprout poking through the soil will turn into something yummy, beautiful and nutritious.

In celebration of a new growing season, plant a gift that will multiply the community’s harvest - become a Friend of Re:Vision.

Friends of Re:Vision are our monthly supporters. They are the lifeblood of our organization, because they provide us with dependable year-round support for our vital programming.  Becoming a Friend of Re:Vision is easy – simply make a monthly contribution of $10 or more.

This May we have set a goal of attracting 100 new Friends of Re:Vision. And now - the top five reasons why you should help us meet this goal.

NUMBER FIVE.  Denver, like many American urban cities, suffers from major health disparities - most notably in poor communities and communities of color. Your gift will support Re:Farm Denver, Re:Vision’s flagship program, that teaches low-income families how to grow their own food. With your gift, you will expose thousands of people in marginalized neighborhoods to the many benefits of eating healthy, community- grown produce.

NUMBER FOUR.  You care deeply about supporting the local economy, building a sustainable city with equitable opportunities for all its residents, and creating healthy neighborhoods. Join the many respected organizations that have done their research and chosen to support Re:Vision in these very efforts:  the Colorado Health Foundation, The Denver Foundation, USDA, Slow Money, The Colorado Trust, the Anschutz Family Foundation, and more. 

NUMBER THREE. Re:Vision recently helped community members incorporate the Westwood Food Cooperative (WFC) – Denver’s first community-owned food cooperative and one of the first in the nation that sources produce from small-scale urban farmers in low income neighborhoods.  By supporting Re:Vision and the WFC, your gift puts healthy food on the plates and extra income in the pockets of the people who need it most.

 NUMBER TWO. All Friends of Re:Vision as of June 1, 2014 will be entered to win a GoPro HERO3+ camera. And who doesn’t want a GoPro?

NUMBER ONE.  Every dollar you commit to donating in May 2014 will be matched 100% by a generous gift from the Parmar Family and Ardas Family Medicine, up to $10,000! 


Don’t miss out on this chance to double your donation and your impact on the community. 

Don’t miss out on your chance to win a GoPro Camera!

Become a Friend of Re:Vision today!