You know what's great...we made it to eight!

We wrote you all a poem to celebrate Re:Vision's eighth birthday. Congratulations to everyone who have gotten us this far, and here's to many more to come. Thank you all for taking the time, to rehash the journey with us through a playful rhyme!


Eight years ago today, 

they announced that they would stay.

There was a bike trip, 

and a party hosted by Rip,

but another vision was under way.


Place-based solutions, Eric said.

Joseph knowingly nodded his head.

So with a vision revisioned for the people who toil,

together, two founders dug their hands into the soil.


There was also this neighborhood

That had been a bit misunderstood.

Grocery stores wouldn’t open there.

And it seemed as though most of Denver didn’t care.


But a vision revisioned is a site to see;

especially when it’s owned by a community.

And so a group of people who were once told that they can’t

Went door to door and neighbor to neighbor to teach each other to plant.


They planted seeds that every year they would sow.

They planted ideas that began to grow and grow.

Just seven backyard gardens was the start.

Now in our eighth year, over 400 families participate with heart.


And would you ever even guess,

But a grocery store they’re starting, yes!

Such a power is an idea whose time has come,

When we realize we are only as powerful as our collective sum.


Join us today to celebrate.

Have you heard, we’ve made it to eight! 

And here’s a toast to many more, 

that we will revel in our new community store!