The Heart of our Kickstart

A few Wednesdays ago, I hesitated, and then pressed "submit."

That moment set off a 30 day count-down. The goal was to raise 50K on Kickstarter to fill the inside of the warehouse that will become the Westwood Food Co-op with lighting, shelves, freezers, shopping carts, and if we could raise a little more, a patched roof. 

To get things rolling, we threw off a farm-to-table event called De La Plata Al Planto. Remarkable leaders from across Denver pitched in their time, energy, and support. Woody Tasch from Slow Money was our MC. Dana Rodriguez from Work&Class and Edwin Sandoval from Sputino were our chefs. Dylan and J.P. our bar tenders. And a group of incredible corporate sponsors purchased tables and offered us in-kind support to help us transform our run-down warehouse into a beautiful event space. Our staff worked tirelessly to cut Mexican Fiesta flags out of tissue paper for days. Our videographer super vacuumed the entire warehouse floor. David never stopped worked on ladders and rooftops to prep the site. And our very own Eric became a star electrician the day of the event!

The effort was inspiring, and to sit with so many passionate people helped me see in full color what we do every day - come together to drive a movement by everyone for everyone. 

At the event - we raised $9K directly on the Kickstarter campaign platform, and additional donations went towards putting on the event and covering the costs of the campaign (but because they were checks could not be directly input into the credit card system). Together as a community, we are creeping closer and closer to our 50K goal, but we still have a ways to go.

You and this community - you are our heart. And we need you now. Here are two fast ways you can help:

1. This next week, the community is rallying together for another fundraiser, a Kickstarter Zumbathalon to dance their way to 50K. Join us this next week on October 19, 6-8 pm at 3738 Morrison Rd Denver CO 80219 to show your support, and help us spread the word about this campaign.

2. Take 90 seconds right now to write your friends, tell your neighbors, and send your staff an email.

Thank you thank you thank you for absolutely everything that you have done. Without the amazing support we have received so far, we won't be where we now are.

We have nine days left! Let's keep it roaring! And enjoy the photos!

A special thank you to our event sponsors, our amazing volunteers, and partners:

  • Alpine Bank
  • Assured Benefit Solutions
  • Avery Brewing
  • Colorado First Bank
  • The Colorado trust
  • Crystal River Meats
  • Denver Health
  • Denver Water
  • FirstBank
  • Kin Collective
  • Mutiny&Rye
  • New Belgium Brewing
  • Noosa Yogurt
  • Ready Foods
  • Suerte Tequilla
  • WholeFoods
  • Work&Class
  • Anna Jones
  • Barb Frommell
  • Edwin Sandoval
  • Grupo Tlaloc
  • Jon Romero Band
  • Santiago Jaramillo