It Starts With The Soil

Life is a beautiful thing. 

It can be found everywhere - all around us. The massive mammals roaming the Earth, the countless species of birds with their feathers rustling through the breeze, the labyrinth of complexity that is the rainforest. Yet to me, the life I can’t see is the most inspiring. The most important, the most overlooked. Scientists say in one teaspoon of soil there are over 2 billion - read that again, b-illion!! - living organisms. Speak to any farmer and they’ll tell you soil is what determines how well their crops grow. Sure, weather and moisture play their parts, but without the nutrients, the minerals, the bacteria, fungi, the worms and so forth who all turn those nutrients and minerals into food for the plant roots, no amount of sun and water will make a seed become a productive, fruit-baring plant. 

So we started with the right soil - custom-mixed potting soil containing coconut coir, worm castings, and other micro-organism heaven stuff. We wanted the best to start 20,000 seedlings that would find their way to 400 families’ backyard gardens. The seedlings sprouted wonderfully, reaching out for the lights above and exploring deep into their tiny starter-cells for all the food their roots could find. They couldn’t have looked stronger and healthier. But just as life is beautiful, it is often fragile. Soon after potting up the first batch of tomatoes and peppers, spider mites struck - killing many plants, and our lack of infrastructure led many more to ‘dampen off’ from over watering. 

We started a seedling hospital, and today many look as though they might pull through, but we made the tough decision to cancel the seedling sale. We wanted to ensure we’d have enough plants for those 400 families who will be relying on them for a large percentage of their food come harvest time.

We’re bummed to have to pull back on the 3rd annual seedling sales, but we know its the right thing to do, and we’re excited about the response of our community of supporters so far. Already one gentleman has taken it upon himself to go around to nurseries and get donations of plants - what can you do to help us ensure we have the best possible plants for our families? Thank you for reading. Thank you for supporting. Thank you for donating.