The Buying Club Becomes the Westwood Food Co-op

We've got big news. As many of you already know, for the past year Re:Vision and residents of Westwood have been hard at work to launch the Westwood Food Co-op. This is the first co-op of its kind--started, owned, and operated by a community living in a food desert. 

On June 9th, membership will finally be open to the public. And we want you to be our first members and help launch this incredible initiative. To be the first to know when sign-ups are ready, register here and we will keep you updated on everything right in the moment.

The Re:Vision Buying Club began as a way to lay the foundation for the Westwood Food Co-op. We have spent our time seeking out the best possible farmers, ranchers, and producers for the purpose of building a regional supply chain. We have worked to build a customer base through various drop-off locations in the city. And we've worked to raise awareness amongst incredible supporters like you about local healthy food.

We will continue to do all of this to ensure a successful launch. But Buying Club is about to become so much more. 

Re:Vision will soon be handing over the Buying Club to the Westwood Food Co-op. Because of this switch, we will be changing the structure of the Buying Club to support this positive growth and ownership. When we began, we waived the membership fees to introduce the initial benefits of the Buying Club to a wider scope of customers, including the Westwood community. On June 9th, all Buying Club members will need to become members of the Westwood Food Co-op in order to continue ordering.  

Becoming a member of a co-op is an exciting and important step towards a new type of business relationship. You have the chance to build the first grocery store with a lasting effect in a community that needs it. No longer are you simply a customer. You become a member-owner.  

The Westwood Food Cooperative has the enormous potential to impact the local communities surrounding Westwood, Denver's urban agricultural landscape, and the way the country approaches food co-ops at large. You are the building blocks from which we will collectively create wealth and increase food access in a sustainable way. 

So stay tuned for the June 9th launch! Sign up for more details on how you can become a founding member of the Westwood Food Co-op!