NY Times writer David Brooks writes about the neighborhood as a unit of change

By Emily Ureste

New York Times journalist David Brooks recently published an article exploring the role of neighborhoods in larger systematic change.  He poses that individual change may be worthwhile, but that focusing on communities has the power to radiate out into society at a faster and more impactful rate.

“It could be that the neighborhood, not the individual, is the essential unit of social change. If you’re trying to improve lives, maybe you have to think about changing many elements of a single neighborhood, in a systematic way, at a steady pace”

During his research for this article, Brooks visited Re:Vision with Yo-Yo Ma on the latter’s two-year, 36-city tour that has a special emphasis on learning from community organizations.  On this day, Brooks was able to observe Re:Vision’s mission at work via the harvesting of vegetables, farm-to-table lunch, and robust community involvement.

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