While all publicly owned nonprofit organizations are required to make their financial information public, we at Re:Vision believe in a greater standard of accountability and transparency. Reviewing an NGO's 990 or financial information doesn't tell you the the entire story: do they have good management practices? Do their day-to-day decisions reflect the overall mission and values? Do they truly make an impact?

Therefore, we are committed to raising the bar for transparency and performance-driven accountability. We are committed to implementing and when necessary, developing best practices. We strive to collect statistically valid data that measures our impact. 

Re:Vision's transparency project is an ongoing evolution in how we share data - we are open to suggestions, requests, and comments. Thank you for placing your trust in us. 

2013 Annual Report

2014 - 2016 Strategic Plan

The Board of Directors, Staff, and Community members spent over 16 months putting together Re:Vision's 2014-2016 strategic plan. We would like to thank The Denver Foundation, the Community Resource Center, the Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships, Mission Spark (especially Kara Penn), and JVA Consulting for their support and assistance through this process.  

IRS 990 Tax Filings

As a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, Revision is required to file a tax form 990 each year, reflecting the total revenue and expenses, as well as sources of that revenue and purposes for the expenses. This form is public record and can also be found through Guidestar here